Dad’s Bacon

by / Saturday, 12 January 2013 / Published in Bills Junk

I was thinking about my father the other day and what popped into my head was the memory of him using the “Baconer” by Westinghouse.  He used this every weekend to make the bacon for breakfast.  He didn’t normally cook breakfast on the weekends, my Mom did.  He did always contribute to the feast though by makin’ the bacon.


The bacon cooking appliance reminded me of the model “T” hood in the way it opened.  What Dad did was open the doors, lay the bacon strips over the heater plate, then close the lid.  Next thing you knew, the bacon was done, and perfect.  The way the “Baconer” was made let the bacon grease drip down to a removable tray, which you simply opened like a drawer and discard the grease.  Here are some pictures of the “Baconer”.  I did not take these pictures, but I  found these pictures on the web at the site listed below, and give them the credit for them.


Credit for the pictures goes to this blog: